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Celebrating a 7th year with Apple as a human interface designer focusing on various system search products including Spotlight, Siri and Safari.

iOS Layering Priorities (Study)

UI, UX, Front End, Research

The layering of system elements represented in physical form to help communicate rationale to crossfunctional stakeholders.

Searching Apple Media

UI, UX, Front End

Bringing Apple's powerhouse collection of Music, Movies, TV, and Apps to the browser.


Lost in the Fog

GML, C#, Motion Design, Graphic Design

An aesthetic exploration into core game logic, design, and development – Now available to play in the browser!

Rescue Ranger

Game Dev, Visual Design, Creative Direction

Explore the solar system and the effects of gravity in this original space adventure experiment for desktop.

Cabinet Classics

Game Dev, GML, C#

Remaking a classic collection of virtual arcade cabinets as research in game development of the 70s and 80s.


Cereal Simulation

GML, Motion Design

A GML physics-based breakfast experiment.

Buoyancy Sim

GML, Simulations, Motion Design

A testing environment for buoyancy and water tension.

Expressive Movements

Motion Design, Animation, AE

Designing various experiments in exaggerated motion animations and velocity-driven bounce physics.


Collaborative Climbing

Software, Visual Design, Tools

Created by climbers for climbers — A collaborative climbing journal to create, share, and plan bouldering routes.

Anatomical Puppet Basics

Animation, Tutorial, Motion Design

A tutorial for beginner puppet animations and joint movements in skeletal development using simple shapes and limited motion.


Simplifying Responsive Galleries

HTML, CSS, Responsive Design

A code block sharing a lightweight responsive aspect-preserving gallery template requiring only 20 lines of HTML and 50 lines of CSS.

Pigment Blending Brushes

PSD, Visual Design, Research

Celebrate diversity with an original Adobe brush download offering over 16 unique skin textures with overlay blending attributes matching hundreds of individualized tones.


Sutro Tower Recordings

Music Production

Original & Remixed music by Max.

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